About Lutheran Church


The goal of the church is to transform lives through God's grace for an genuine Christian living.

Join the Lutheran Church in the journey of faith and life and entering meaning christ-centered, spirit-filled relationships devoting to growing faith, love, service to God.

At this church everyone is welcome regardless of faith background, social or economic class, sexual orientation, age, ability, or color of their skin.


Many developments occurred in European society throughout the fifteenth century, each of which contributed to the scholarly and political context that allowed the Lutheran movement to expand. The Renaissance produced conditions that permitted philosophers to challenge the Church's purpose and character.

Lutheranism began as an attempt to reform the Roman Catholic Church during the early sixteenth century Holy Roman Empire. Martin Luther, then a professor of Bible at the nascent University of Wittenberg, called for a public debate on various issues inside the Catholic Church, which sparked the movement.

Because of major electors' backing and the widespread usage of the printing press, Lutheranism quickly grew into a larger religious and political force inside the Holy Roman Empire. This movement quickly swept across northern Europe, becoming the driving factor behind the Protestant Reformation as a whole. Lutheranism has now expanded around the globe from Europe.


What they're saying about the church

Most loving caring people in this congregation. Serving, helping, and God loving. So much goodness going on there! Thank you Jesus for blessing these people and all they spread joy to!

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Very caring community!!! Two teenagers brought a lovely note, hearts for my window and a couple yummy cookies today. What a day brightener !!! Pastors are wonderful- please join us😊


Beautiful mid-sized sanctuary with modern architecture. I was just here for a wedding, but I left wanting to come back! This one was both fun and meaningful, and it took place in a wonderful environment.

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