Life brings challenges and obstacles, but with God there's always hope and we are here to help. Call the church office at 651-429-5411 if you have questions about the following ministries, or if you need assistance.

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Grief Support - Redeemer

Care Team Ministry

A long-term illness, loss of mobility, the death of a family member, a divorce, a hospitalization, or any number of family crises might necessitate our reliance on family and friends for support to get through a difficult time. Redeemer's congregational care ministers provide support in just such times, bringing meals, providing transportation, running errands, helping with light housekeeping and chores, and providing other support as needed. Care ministers also provide spiritual support and visitation for members who are home-bound, recovering from illness, hospitalized or experiencing special needs.

Grief Team

This team provides on-going support to our members who have experienced the death of a loved one. Members that have lost a significant member of their family are sent an initial card of condolences with connection to local resources. Follow up materials are sent at 3-6 months and at the one year anniversary of the loved ones death. Resource books are available in our Church library under Grief. Care Notes focused on loss, for all ages, are available at the Welcome Center. A list of current grief groups and contacts in our area are available. Individual connections are made if requested (i.e. Pastor Pam, Care Team ministries members). For more information, contact Grief Team Member - Candi Walsh.

Prayer Requests

Members of our Prayer Chain provide prayer support for specific needs of any individual. Additionally, Prayer Servants pray during the worship service on the first Sunday of each month for the service, the Sunday School, the congregation and all its needs. If you desire to share a prayer request we welcome you to fill out a prayer request card (available in the pews) and place it in the prayer request basket, offering plate, in the Pastor's office mailbox or in the Pastor's office. All prayers will be treated confidentially.

If you are interested in a being a Prayer Servant, please sign up on the form located at the Redeemer Welcome desk or contact Jan Johnson or the church office.

Caring Conversations

Spiritual TLC is a spiritual nurture group for caregivers and others experiencing trying times that meets monthly (first Thursdays, 10 - 11:30 AM in the Library) for a time of conversation with scripture, prayer and mutual care. Contact Pastor Candee Moser at 651-429-5411 for care-giving assistance if needed to enable your participation.