Trust Fund Annual Report


Trust Fund Annual Report

helping Redeemer members become wise stewards of Gods gifts

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The members of Redeemer Lutheran Church established the Trust Fund in 1985 as a non-profit corporation to support charitable and religious causes. The unique structure is purposefully autonomous, not subordinate to the congregational council or reliant on budget support. At the same time, it is very much a part of the life and mission of Redeemer with annual reports to the congregation and the election of a Board of Trustees at congregational meetings.

As set forth in the Trust Funds bylaws, the board meets on a monthly basis to consider grant requests, monitor investments and address other questions and opportunities that come before the board. After nearly 30 years of good stewardship, under the faithful leadership of dozens of Redeemer members, assets now exceed $400,000 and are managed in three funds.

  • The Perpetual Fund, approximately 75% of the assets, was created to enable the work of the church by establishing new ministries and stewardship opportunities additional to and apart from the general operation of the congregation. It functions like an endowment, with gifts and bequests retained in the Fund and only the earnings available to fund grant proposals. No part of the principle may be spent without congregational authorization. Grants from the Perpetual Fund often support and enhance the outreach activities of Redeemer members.
  • The Memorial Fund was established to manage and distribute monies given as memorials. These gifts may be characterized as designated funds, where the giver specifies a purpose, or as undesignated funds with the use to be determined by the board based on grant requests. Both principle and interest may be distributed. Grants from the Memorial Fund also differ in that they may be used to meet special needs within the congregation.
  • There are three Scholarship Funds, totaling more than $50,000. Earnings from each fund are distributed to Redeemer members to support their college and seminary educations.

Board of Trustees:

  • Bill Rust
  • Lynda Anderson
  • Lee Johnson
  • Wendy Jenz
  • Sara Gengenbach

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Six things the Board of Trustees wants every member to understand:

1. While the Trust Fund is a separate legal entity, it is very much a part of Redeemer. It was created by the congregation. Its board is elected by the congregation. It reports annually to the congregation. With more than $400,000 under management, these are your resources.

2. The Trust Fund supports stewardship and outreach projects which are beyond Redeemers walls and beyond the scope of Redeemers operating budget. Priority is given to grant proposals that include the active involvement of Redeemer members. We grow spiritually as we live out our faith in service to others.

3. Everyone leaves a legacy. We grow spiritually as we make personal stewardship decisions which align our values and goals with the resources we have been given.

4. The Trust Fund is a careful steward of the dollars you entrust to us. We invest wisely and we fund projects that make a difference in the lives of others.

5. The Trust Fund is engaged in what Redeemer members do NOW as well as in securing our rich tradition of outreach in the future.

6. As a board, we always welcome your comments, suggestions and questions.

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Who can apply for a Trust Fund grant? Any member of Redeemer! In particular, we encourage you to think about your community involvement outside the church and the ways that might be enhanced by a Trust Fund grant.

How do I apply? There's a simple form located in the Trust Fund box across from the main church office.

What sort of projects receive Trust Fund grants? Most grants are funded with earnings from the Perpetual Fund and, per our bylaws, must go to charitable and religious causes that are beyond the walls of Redeemer and outside the congregations operating budget. A limited number of grants from the Memorial Fund may be used for projects around the church and also must be beyond the reach of our normal operating budget. See the examples in the 2016 Annual Report.

What is the timeline for grant requests? The board meets and funds grant requests on a monthly basis. Scholarship application deadlines are set and publicized each spring as students make their final college decisions.

Where do I start if I'm interested in making a gift to the Trust Fund or including the Trust Fund in my will or trust?

We welcome small gifts and large, from current gifts to the Memorial Fund to more complex trust arrangements. There are a myriad of ways to match your intentions as a donor with targeted and tax efficient programs appropriate to your circumstances.

Members of the Board are happy to have a confidential initial conversation with you. We can offer general guidance and, whenever appropriate, we will refer you to a financial advisor or attorney for specific arrangements that align your goals with your resources.

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